Project Closeout

Once every piece of the Construction phase has been fulfilled, we turn to the Project Closeout phase as a way of validating the success of the project.

In addition to securing certificates of occupancy, we review our records of testing and inspections. This is to be confident that everything is properly completed prior to any municipal inspection.

Unsurpassed Customer Service Means Everything to Us

We compile manuals for the client pertaining to operating and maintaining their new construction optimally. This, coupled with an in-person client walkthrough, ensures that the new owner is fully apprised of the inner workings of their property. Project Closeout also involves finalizing all paperwork and documentation necessary for completion including guarantees, releases, waivers, and applications.

CADCO Construction specializes in high quality work and unsurpassed customer service, which means that we fully test all of the systems and equipment we have installed to be certain that our clients are receiving everything in full working order without fail.

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