Secure Your Financing

CADCO Construction has the experience and expertise in the commercial construction industry necessary to assist you in every aspect of securing financing for your project, no matter the size.

Benefit from Our Experience with Project Financing

First, we help you understand everything surrounding the costs involved with your project. Hard costs are things like landscaping, framing, electrical, carpeting, and roofing. Soft costs are associated with things like taxes, marketing, design and engineering fees, insurance, permit fees, among others. It takes a great deal of know-how to properly address all of these disparate costs and merge them into a simple, easily understandable format.

Once we have all of the construction costs nailed down, we turn to securing financing, often in the form of a commercial construction loan. To determine how large a loan is needed, it is crucial to examine a number of factors. These include whether or not your building will be worth more than it costs to construct, whether you’re renting, leasing, or purchasing the property, and your company’s net worth.

Our decades of experience in the industry will help you maximize your buying power and the value of your property post construction. Your physical plant is an absolutely crucial part of your business, so our knowledge of financing will be an invaluable aspect of the service we provide to you.

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