Design-Build Streamlining

Traditionally, commercial construction projects have depended on a design team which is wholly separate from the construction group, and most often, these two entities are different companies altogether. One group would create a design while different and unrelated groups will submit bids to compete for the job of building the design.

The Design-Build project delivery system allows us to take full control over both of these entities because we oversee everyone involved in the entire process and encourage communication and collaboration at every step. Rather than having to rely on two or more separate companies attempting to work together smoothly, our clients enjoy the speed and cost benefits associated with this consolidation.

We overlap the design and construction phases of our projects to shorten their completion schedules and to allow flexibility within the design in the event that complications arise with the construction. The end result of our utilizing the Design-Build system is that your project takes less time from start to finish, costs you less money, and allows us to provide greater customer service and flexibility.